welcome to mini meet west 2003 in Victoria BC Canada welcome to mini meet west 2003 in Victoria BC Canada
MMW03 Monday


Getting to the ferry waiting location was interesting this morning. Just about made it without any rain... then the skies opened up. After half an hour, it stopped, back to sunshine. What was very interesting is what happened after. Everyone's hair started to stand up on end! You can see with Ken's head and another, that it was true. Can't explain why? I noticed we were under some high power lines, or just static in the air, don't know.

We managed to start the webcam coverage on route to the meeting place.

We headed promptly to the ferry at 12:10pm. Then boarded the 1pm ferry. Nice scenery on the way was attested to by Ken Lively. 32 Minis came off the ferry and proceeded towards Victoria. The local news and other bystanders were on an overpass to greet us.

We met up with many more Minis at the information booth. It was a very long line of Minis now heading to Victoria. Shortly thereafter arriving at the Howard Johnson Hotel. Everyone promptly signed in and registered for the meet in the hospitality suite.

RC racing was next, there was quite a crowd on hand to watch the races. The gas powered cars drew the most reaction as the tried to maneuver at high speeds and maintain control. Not easily done.


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