welcome to mini meet west 2003 in Victoria BC Canada welcome to mini meet west 2003 in Victoria BC Canada
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Thank you to our many sponsors. We had an overwhelming supply of door prizes and due to time constraints, not every donor was recognized. The following very generously donated door prizes. If you have been omitted from this list, please let me know via e-mail
Victoria MiniMini ManiaLordcoRick HiggsWilkinson's Memorabilia
Seven EnterprisesMinis in Northern IllinoisThrifty FoodsCanadian TireSTP/Armorall Integrated Fulfillment Services
Blethering PlaceIan Cox, The British Car ShopRichard & Jo-Ann Ford, Elk Lake PetrocanRoger Wall, Mini Cooper RegisterJeff & Leanne Smith-Barlow
Dawn BryantMini Owners Club, EdmontonMainly Minis Mini PlusAlex Jiminez
BMCKen MartinStarbuck'sHeather Forbes & Mark StevensTom Murphy, Action Awards
The double decker bus was full at 5:30 and had to make a second trip for the rest of the people. The banquet hall was full.

There was a projection screen set up which worked great when announcing the winners of the events. As the person was named, a photo of their car with them in it was displayed. This was a great way for everyone to identify the person and their car.

The 2 panoramic photos were also displayed, along with a selection of photos taken over the past few days. The panorama photos were ready for pick-up at the banquet which I believe is a first for Mini Meets. People were able to take them home from the meet. It also seemed to inspire more orders too. For your information, John Goolevitch used a Canon Digital Elph S400 4 Megapixel camera, using 4 photos across the field, then stitching them together using Photoshop. This proves that a small camera can be deceiving

The buffet dinner was excellent, as well as the desserts. Many door prizes were called out in between the awards.

There was a special roast of 4 people presented as a court process. The judge found everyone guilty.

Photo Gallery

Award Winners for MMW2003

Category Place  Winner
M2 - Modified Long Wheelbase 3 Jane Seed
2 Mike Kimball
1 Nolan Kitchener
M1 - Modified Sedan 3 Skip Ragsdale
2 Jef Doan
1 Chuck Heleker
O-4 Original New MINI 3 Christina Sanders
2 Craig House
1 Ken Martin
O-3 Original Moke 2 Leanne Smith-Barlow
1 Ray Field
O-2 Original Long Wheelbase 3 Ken Degauque/Richard Ford
2 Tom Murphy
1 Chris Miller
O-1 Original Sedan 3 Ararad Hovsepian
2 Larry Sutton
1 Ken Wilson
C- Competetion 3 Kent Summers
2 Abe Douglas
1 Keith Brown
V-Variants 3 Kent Summers
2 Jeff VanHurston
1 Char Barrett
F- Full Custom 3 Gary Mills
2 Kenn Lively
1 Zahir Rana
M4- Modifed New MINI 2 Jesse Meir
1 Mick Szirmay
M-3 Modifed Moke 3 Rob Fram
2 Jeremy Thorpe
1 Rob Farr
Peoples Choice 3 Carl Latzel
2 Chris Miller
1 Chuck Heleker
Class A 2 Mike Smith
1 Larry Sandham
Class B 3 Ross Hoevett
2 Tony Lewis
1 Jeremy Thorpe
Calss C 3 Jack Holdaway
2 John Abel
1 Mike Kimball
Calss D 3 David O'neill
2 Nolan Kitchener
1 Steve Malins
Class E 3 Chris Miller
2 Mark Stevens
1 Keith Degauque
Class F 3 Merville Hall
2 Kristi Brown
1 Keith Brown
Class G  3 Jeremy Thorpe
2 Phillip Cohen
1 John Abel
Class H 1 Abe Douglas
RC Racing    
Kids/Electric 3 Cameron Brown
2 Johnson Yang
1 Phil Cohen
Pro Unlimited 3 Jeff Greber
2 Jake Greber
1 Mike Kimball
Wannabe 3 Jeff Smith
2 Robert Orr
1 Mike Payne
3 Daryl Seager
  Ted Seager
2 Kim Sutton
  Ryan Sutton
1 Mike Kimball
  Amanda Silverstein
Windups 3 Steve Malins
2 Mike Kimball
1 Kim Sutton
Sliding Windows 3 Steve Edwares
2 Jack Holdaway
1 Grant Biggings
Open Cars 3 Nolan Kitchener
2 Rob Fram
1 Jeff Smith-Barlow
Art Show    
3 Chris Dunavan
2 Anna Gilbert
1 Andrei Chichak
Eric Lindquest Award    
Vancouver Mini Club   Tim Kolosoff
Victoria Minis Car Club   Richard Ford