welcome to mini meet west 2003 in Victoria BC Canada
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Cars started arriving at 8am. Judging started at 10am. The modified class judging must have been gruelling because they were still going after 3pm, which is when we were supposed to get setting up for the panorama photos.

There was a good representation of all classes, with 105 cars registered on the field.

Thanks to the TELUS bucket lift, or two, we had a great vantage point to take the photo. There was a slight discussion of how to set up that many cars. The "perfect" horseshoe idea grew into a hockey stick shape, but looked good in the photos.

Concours Photo Gallery

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Category: Concours Place  Winner Photo
M2 - Modified Long Wheelbase 3 Jane Seed
2 Mike Kimball
1 Nolan Kitchener
M1 - Modified Sedan 3 Skip Ragsdale
2 Jef Doan
1 Chuck Heleker
O-4 Original New MINI 3 Christina Sanders
2 Craig House
1 Ken Martin
O-3 Original Moke 2 Leanne Smith-Barlow
1 Ray Field
O-2 Original Long Wheelbase 3 Ken Degauque/Richard Ford
2 Tom Murphy
1 Chris Miller
O-1 Original Sedan 3 Ararad Hovsepian
2 Larry Sutton
1 Ken Wilson
C- Competetion 3 Kent Summers
2 Abe Douglas
1 Keith Brown
V-Variants 3 Kent Summers
2 Jeff VanHurston
1 Char Barrett
F- Full Custom 3 Gary Mills
2 Kenn Lively
1 Zahir Rana
M4- Modifed New MINI 2 Jesse Mier
1 Mick Szirmay
M-3 Modifed Moke 3 Rob Fram
2 Jeremy Thorpe
1 Rob Farr
Peoples Choice 3 Carl Latzel
2 Chris Miller
1 Chuck Heleker